A Little Bit About Chicago Style Pizzas

chicago flag

We have two types of pizza in Chicago. We have a thin and crispy style, which we cut in squares that is referred to tavern style. This style was offered at the bar in taverns as a way to get customers to buy more beer. Although not free anymore, it is still very common in Chicago at local pizzerias and local taverns. Everyone has their favorite neighborhood place!

Chicago is also famous for it's deep dish pizza, which was invented by a chef in a local Chicago pizzeria around 1943. As a Chicagoan, you are not eating this every week, it is more of a special occasion treat, but we do still eat it and love it!

If it is your first time having Chicago deep dish, please be prepared to wait. We are making everything from scratch, in house. Our pizzas are deep, rolled out by hand and have a lot of ingredients and a full pie takes at least 45 minutes to cook the ingredients, sometimes longer. If we are busy, wait times for pizza can be as long as an hour and a half. A Chicago trick is to preorder before you arrive. A lot of people who love our pizza don't mind waiting either. We hope this helps and we can't wait to serve you!